Illinois Association of 
Family, Career & Community Leaders of America

2018-2019 Membership Dues

$ 14.00/member or
$ 9.00 for National dues &
$ 5.00 for State dues
plus a 
$ 50.00 Chapter Fee

Affiliation/Membership should be done through the National FCCLA database portal.  Please
note that National FCCLA does require a minimum payment for 12 members.

All dues payments should be sent to National FCCLA directly.

Any questions or concerns about membership should be sent to  Marta Lockwood at or call 217.728.2787

Calendar of Events/
State Proficiency Events
National STAR Events
Illinois Foundation

2018-2019 State Executive Council

Illinois FCCLA 
​Alumni Association
Front Row:  Samantha Gerberding, Micheala Burrows, Grace Traylor
Back Row:  Kallie Keasler, Bryce Selman, Baylee Johnson
Adviser Resources
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is the Career and Technical Student Organization for
Family and Consumer Science students.  FCCLA is a national student organization that helps 
helps young men and women become better leaders in their families, careers and communities.
Students learn skills for life:  planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making and
interpersonal communication.  FCCLA is the only student organization with the family as it's
central focus.  Members have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills through 
participating in proficiency events, showcasing community service projects, exploring
careers, attending educational sessions and serving as an elected officer.

Illinois FCCLA 
National FCCLA 
Meet The 2018-2019 Team
  1. Kallie Keasler
    State President Gallatin County High School Sara Rushing, Adviser
  2. Baylee Johnson
    State 1st Vice President Knoxville High School Rose Chadderdon, Adviser
  3. Grace Traylor
    Vice President of Community Service Carlinville High School Joan Hartley, Adviser
  4. Bryce Selman
    Vice President of Competitive Events ROWVA High School Sarah Neill-Nelson, Adviser
  5. Samantha Gerberding
    Vice President of Foundation Shiloh High School Carolyn McIntyre, Adviser
  6. Micheala Burrows
    Vice President of Membership and Public Relations Greenfield High School Luann Hubbard, Adviser
Contact us at
Phone:  217-728-2787