Illinois Association of 
Family, Career & Community Leaders of America


​2019 - 2020 Theme

Illinois FCCLA Proficiency Events  2019-2020

Manual to a Successful Competitive Event

Required Decorating Tips for 2020​​
    Students may determine which size tip within 
                           the following categories:

                Open Star tip
Basketweave tip
Leaf tip

Required Knife Cuts for 2020​​​​​​

Medium Dice

 Please advised that several of the specifications and rubrics have had changes made to them for the
 2020 year.  Be sure to print the documents below to be sure you have the most up-to-date version of ​the event.
Illinois FCCLA State Proficiency Events General Information & Specifications

Culinary Events

Pastry Arts:  Cookie Specifications
Pastry Arts:  Cookie Rubric
Pastry Arts:  Cookie Rubric Specifications
Food Production:  Relish Tray Specifications
Food Production:  Relish Tray Rubric
Food Production:  Relish Tray Rubric Specifications
Food Production: Salads Specifications
Food Production:  Salads Rubric
Food Production:  Salads Rubric Specifications
Pastry Arts: Fondant Cakes Specifications
        Updated on January 14, 2020
Pastry Arts:  Fondant Cakes Rubric
Pastry Arts:  Fondant Cakes Rubric Specifications
Pastry Arts:  Frosted Cakes Specifications
Pastry Arts:  Frosted Cakes Rubric
Pastry Arts:  Frosted Cakes Rubric Specifications

Apparel & Textile Events

Interior Design Rubric
Interior Design Specifications
Interior Design 2020 Scenario
Interior Design 2020 Floor Plan
Career Image Specifications
Career Image Rubric
Fashion Apparel Display Specifications
Fashion Apparel Display Rubric
Apparel Construction Specifications
Apparel Construction Rubric
Apparel Construction Skill Area Rubric
Apparel Construction Information Sheet
              & Skill Selection Chart

Early Childhood Events

Personal Child Care Provider Specifications
Personal Child Care Provider Rubric
Personal Child Care Provider Information Example
Preschool Lesson Specifications
Preschool Lesson Rubric
Preschool Lesson - Lesson Plan
Children's Literature Presentation Specifications
Children's Literature Presentation Rubric
Children's Literature Presentation - Lesson Plan

Other Events

Entrepreneurship:  Food Truck Specifications
Entrepreneurship:  Food Truck Rubric
Food Truck Design Template
Food Truck Product Analysis 
International Experience Specifications
International Experience Rubric
Public Speaking - FCCLA Creed Specifications
Public Speaking - FCCLA Creed Rubric
FCCLA Planning Process Summary Page